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A box filled with four of our Mango & Passion fruit Buddabing Cookies . We recommend this to our newest Buddabing customers. As we know they are all definite crowd pleasers.

Allergen Information

Contains  eggs and milk products. May contain traces of peanuts due to shared equipment.

Are Buddabings gluten free?

Yes, however, our kitchen is not certified gluten-free. We carefully source gluten-free ingredients and wash equipment thoroughly but out of respect for those with coeliac disease, we choose not to offer a 100% gluten-free guarantee.

Storage & Serving Suggestion

Individual size: 7.5cm
Individual weight: 75g
Pack size: 4 Mango & Passion fruit Buddabing Cookie Sandwiches
Serves: 4 people
Shelf Life: 10 Days
Storage: Airtight and Refrigerated
Serve: Ambient (or some like them cold!)